Walking with little weight on the arm

The use of a crutch or rollator can be helpful for limited walking and unsteady standing. The development of such aids focuses on safety, light weight and user-friendliness. The goal is to provide users with the highest level of safety and comfort so that they can manage their daily lives without any problems.

These modules make it possible

The Explorer Twin and Lynk Push module support activities in which a grip needs to be fixed in order to perform movements with compressive forces. The Twin module in size 'Large' is suitable for crutch grips.

Two systems for individual requirements

Life is colourful, life is versatile and everyone enjoys it in their own way. The Lynk and Explorer systems are as unique as you are. Expand your capabilities and enjoy the passive functional support the macu4 solutions offer to you for your leisure time and in everyday situations.

Lynk | Your comfortable hand device

Suitable if you have a missing hand and need a forearm prosthesis | Support during bi-manual activities.
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Explorer | Your comfortable forearm device

Suitable if you have a complete or partial hand | Support or replace the gripping function.
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How do the macu4 solutions support you and others?

Be inspired by people who use a macu4 solution in their own unique way. Some as a replacement for their forearm or hand, others to get support for the limited gripping function of their hand.
Lynk System | Johanna lost the grip function of her fingers but needs to use crutches. The Push Module is a great support because it transfers the load forces directly to the forearm and there is no need to hold the handle.
Explorer System | For Jan, it is a relief that he can operate the crutch with the Twin Module. Above all, the system is very light, which makes operating the crutch more comfortable.
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