Advantages Explorer System


Due to the light weight and breathability, the system has a high level of comfort. At < 300 g, the Explorer System is much lighter than conventional products. The weight of one module is between 75 g and 164 g, depending on the configuration.

Cost efficient

By using design automation and 3D-printed products, a system is offered that is cost-effective. At the same time, the time required is optimized, as simplified measurement and fast installation are made possible.


Always discover new activities with the same system and adapt it to individual needs. The coupling mechanism makes the system flexible to use.

For whom is the Explorer System suitable

Suitable if you do not have a wrist and you are looking for a prosthetic replacement of the forearm. The socket design is adapted to your arm geometry and has a rotationally symmetrical design.

You already have a cuff or forearm orthosis?

The macu4 Explorer modules are always compatible with an individually manufactured prosthetic socket if a matching thread has been used for the socket.
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What activity are you in the mood for?

  • Explorer | Pinch Module

    702,65 CHF

  • Explorer | Swim Module

    216,20 CHF

  • Explorer | Twin Module

    486,45 CHF

  • Explorer | Ball Module

    378,35 CHF

  • Explorer | Bike Module

    486,45 CHF

  • Explorer | Socket

    864,80 CHF

  • Explorer | Ring

    81,08 CHF

  • FAQ

    Explorer System

    A forearm prosthesis is an orthopaedic device that attempts to partially or completely replace a body function.
    The prosthesis consists of a socket and various activity modules. Depending on the activity, the modules can be easily exchanged.
    The Explorer System can be used for unilateral amputees from amputation height transradially or in case of dysmelia in forearm fittings (according to ISO 8548-2:2020). The system is suitable for persons from 2 years of age. In the case of very young users, we recommend clarifying together with the parents and the doctor whether the child can actually receive the desired benefit from the aid. The activity modules can also be used independently of the macu4 Explorer socket after consultation with the specialist.
    The Explorer System can be tested for a fee. Please contact the macu4 support team.
    The arm stump should ideally be at least 65 mm long so that the socket has a reliable hold on the forearm. This is measured in a straight line from the medial epicondyle (the small bony prominence next to the elbow on the inside of the arm) to the end of the stump.
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