Walking with a crutch – your activity?

Walking with a crutch – your activity?

If walking is limited and you need help with stability and safety, then using a crutch is helpful. How does it work if you want to operate the crutch with the prosthetic arm?

Your activity. Your style.

Be inspired by other users’ impressions and experiences of using a crutch with their macu4™ Explorer System.

Jochen is a macu4™ Explorer Twin User and 61 years old.

A relief that I can operate the crutch with this module. Above all, the system is very light, which makes the operation of the crutch more pleasant.

Experience reports from users.

It’s not so much about the macu4™ Explorer System, but what it does for you. Learn more about what other users have experienced and how the macu4 Explorer module was developed.

Behind the scenes

behind the scenes

It was important to include several functions in a single module. But thanks to the intensive cooperation with various testers it was possible.

Monika in Action

Monika in Action

"So far I had no possibility to try it out ... I just tried it with the twin and it works great." Since short, Monika is a happy user.