Playing Tennis – Your activity?

During tennis, several muscle groups are trained at the same time. The focus is on coordination and motor skills, while at the same time improving comprehension and concentration.

Your activity. Your style.

Get inspired by other users’ impressions and experiences while playing tennis with their macu4™ Explorer System.

Robin is a macu4™ Explorer Ball User and 44 years old.

It was actually the first time in my life that I was able to throw and catch a tennis ball with my right arm! It took few times until it worked easily.

Amelie is a macu4™ Explorer Ball User and 6 years old.

I like the simplicity of the system that provides 1 socket and different attachments. For our daughter Amelie, playing tennis works now very nicely.

Experience reports from users.

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Hinter den Kulissen

Hinter den Kulissen

Die Herausforderung beim Ball Modul war es ein Design zu entwerfen, das es dem Anwender erlaubt den Ball nicht nur zu halten und zu werfen, sondern idealerweise auch aufzusammeln.